CEx Libris customers come from different areas - from clothing manufacturers, media trusts or big companies in food industry, film and music production studios, ice cream manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, including advertising creatives and publishers.

We work hard to please each and every one of them. Most of them come back with re-orders and that simple fact makes us feel proud of our work. We also feel proud that we have such a lovely diversity among our customers and among the products we have been manufacturing for them. Each and every new order is a challenge and contributes to our evolution.


We are the national leader into the area of paperboard packaging for audio and video records production. The digipack is the fanciest and most elegant way to "dress-up" a record (CD or DVD). But we always tried to swim out of the mainstream. Our production department often creates innovative collective packagings for CD/DVD records, anthologies, audio-books and cards. (more)

Food industry

We are a major supplier for the ice cream industry and some other simmilar food industries. Our previous experience of working with the big manufacturers into the area has provided us with the habbit of delivering integrated printing services, from company or product concept inception, to putting the idea into practice and manufacturing labels, paperboard boxes, flyers, posters, and so on, up to more sophisticated forms of packaging/advertising products. (more)

Corporate and service

We can cover the entire range of corporate material production, from business cards, folders, letterheads, to brochures, catalogues, calendars, and so on. You just need to ask and we will provide you with a specific offer for different printing qualities, materials, shapes and technologies. We can also create dedicated packaging solutions for complex sets of products or corporate gifts. (more)


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