Our work is essentially simple: we print the paper then we shape it into a useful thing. In fact, that is the essence of this business. Eventually what does matter and could really make the difference is the way you do that and the attention paid to the small details. Choosing an innovative kind of paper, or some other materials such us plastic, or metal foil could be the detail that matters. We always have been doing our best to come-up with creative solutions to our customers' demands .

CD/ DVD Digipacks

The digipack is the most elegant form of packaging a record - CD or DVD – lately the trend was adopted by most of the worldwide producers. Besides the outstanding advantages of a spectacular look and the open door towards special finishes, the digipack is pretty difficult to replicate and, thus, an exceptional efficient way of fighting against piracy. How many records can you pack in one box, you may ask… As many as you like. We can create simple digipack-cases (with just one record inside) or complex digipack solution (for collections). We can have a booklet inside, or we can add some special finishes – like metal foil lamination, special colours, embossing, lenticular printing, and so on. We’ve been creating and manufacturing unique products, able to give birth to the most sophisticated graphic approaches you may think of. There are endless possibilities… (more)

Packaging solutions

We have learned from our demanding clients that the best quality of the product packed into the right outfit is the winning solution for best sales. Therefore we permanently enhanced and upgraded our know-how and printing technologies, trying to get step by step closser to perfection, in order to be able to deliver the best quality winning-solution products for our customers’ printing needs.

Slipcases and boxes

Fact (precisely established by the unwritten laws of printing): it looks like a box, but it’s more than just a simple "box". Because it’s always more than just a small object with six walls of paperboard. There are

thousands of different types of boxes, with different purposes, different locking systems or various numbers of panels. We have developed standard solutions for many of them, yet often our customers require something "special” for their products. It is understandable and equally preferred, as each of their products are special in their own unique way. Therefore we’ve been building our packagings just like a tailor is cuting and sewing an outfit to perfectly fit the body; that way our boxes are especially designed and manufactured to fit the products.

Creative solutions

Standard products and standardization are the most comon choices most of the printing houses have previously picked. It’s been a natural choice emmerging from the printing market basic natural necessities: low price, fast term of delivery and high quality. Besides this organic aproach we decided to let a door open for the innovation… (more)

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