Creative Solutions

Standard products and standardization are the most comon choices most of the printing houses have previously picked. It’s been a natural choice emmerging from the printing market basic natural necessities: low price, fast term of delivery and high quality. Besides this organic aproach we decided to let a door open for the innovation. We are glad when some customer knocks at our door and says: I need some special solution. I have this product and I want it attractively wrapped… This is the time when we can reveal our power: the creative solutions.

In this category we present some product types which we produce on a daily basis for our customers: presentation folders, price lists, posters, handouts, shelf takers, flyers, brochures, etc.
It is an extremely competitive area in the print house market. Few know how to print any color at an exceptional quality on a large number of paper types, or to achieve impeccable product finishing. We are proud to be part of this league.  


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