exlibris finisajeFairly matching the CMYK colours is a nice begining in the attempt to print well. But the real difference lies into spectacular post-press finishes. They are responsible for the good-looking quality of the finished product and are able to make that product reach its goals.

We’ve been trying hard lately to extend as much as possible our range of high quality post-press finishes. Equally important, we have been trying to update and improve the level of automatization of the technological processes and tehniques in order to gain, besides quality, also the ability to supply large volumes, in a short time at competitive costs.

Special papers. Other materials

We have thousands of types of paper with different textures and thicknesses, and we are able to print them impeccably well. We are also able to print at exceptional quality on special materials such as metal foil, PVC or cardboard.

Lenticular printing

Lenticular printing is a spectacular multi-step process consisting of creating a lenticular image from at least two different images, and combining it with a lenticular lens. The process creates various frames of animation, offering the motion effect or the 3D effect as a result.


The offset varnish protects the printed sheet of paper and offers it o bit of gloss. The UV varnish rises the significance of the details and enhances the elegance of the papers. Special or glitter varnishes may be added in order to add value to the finished product.

Metal foil. Printing on metal

Printing on metal foil is a complex process that significantly increases the value of the product and gives it a bit of mistery; it will also add interesting radiant light reflections on its surface and a touch of glamour.


Die-cutting means cutting the paper in any complex irregular shape. In our plant the process is completely machine-driven, and offers us the advantage of high volumes in record time and cost effective.


Embossing the paperboard is the process that allows us to distort, or rise the surface of the paper in order to create highlights or shadows over some detail, such as a logo, a symbol, a title, and so on. It may be done as a simple stamp on the paperboard, or accompanied by special spot UV varnish, or special colours, for more spectacular rezults.

Folding, gluing and constructing objects

For some standard products, such as digipacks, CD/DVD envelopes or wallets, boxes, all the process is automatic. For other specific materials, each step of the process is carefully separately supervised up to the smallest detail.

Lamination. Folding. Stapling. Binding.

They are probably among the most common and simple post-press finishes. We take great care for the small details and have the ability to produce large volumes, with short terms of delivery, due to the automatization of the technological processes.


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